Turkeys in the Summer and Strong Back Tea

It’s 57 degrees right now and I’m sitting on my deck with a mug of Strong Back Tea and my journal. The wind is gently blowing through the trees, birds are singing and I can hear the trickle of water in my neighbors yard; probably from the hose. Mornings like this are a treat for me; not too hot not too cold, a preview for Autumn weather. Other than Summer, Autumn is my favorite season. I’ve often read that it is the time to harvest what you’ve planted in the Spring and watered and weeded in the Summer. Two months ago I saw turkeys on two occasions; one by himself and the next time a field of them were by the interstate in the city. Turkeys in summer and near the interstate….interesting. Of course I inquired of God and He said the turkeys were there to let me know my time of abundance, harvest, and blessings were coming. So if harvest is coming, I must have been planting- what did I plant this year?

Eight months ago I received the instruction to move back to Omaha; I cried for two weeks. Yes, I had a grand pity party and I was the only one invited. I spent 13 years of my life anticipating the day I could leave the city and then was told to go back; the news was disheartening but I knew it was for the best. During my time here I invested in the development of self; taking in what made me better and weeding out what hindered. I intentionally valued the moments and opportunities all with the expectation that I would NOT stay long. I knew this was a time for pruning, stretching, and action and what I received in this season shifted my paradigm and closed the gap tighter between fear and faith. God challenged one of my greatest fears in order to take me to my original state of mind, Faith. Of course I had fun too! I gained ideas and insight, toned up, went from skinny mini zero to a curvy 1/2 frame, traveled, tried new foods, learned to salsa and rumba authentically, made new friends, laughed, cried, danced with musicians, scatted to the blues, served often, encouraged daily, prayed, received correction, tried, succeeded, started a book, started a business, helped launch a ministry and was ordained as a Pastor. Okay, that was definitely a mouthful and doesn’t even begin to express all that I’ve experienced. I guess I shared it to remind myself that I can enjoy life in any season wherever I am. I wasn’t looking forward to Omaha but my time here was essential for the next step in my journey. While He was preparing me God purposely did things to make my heart smile. This month I’m transitioning to Chicago. I went to visit last week and He started wooing me on my first day there; it was wonderful! I don’t leave for another two weeks, but I’m confident, prepared and looking forward to the new adventure as well as 57 degrees, journaling on the stoop and the warmth of my Strong Back Tea.



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