Drifting on a memory

I love it when a sound or scent can take you back to a wonderful place in your past. This morning, my husband turned on the shower and it sounded like the gentle tapping of rain on tree leaves and bushes. Immediately, my mind drifted to a time in my youth with my Grandma Snook. I used to spend every weekend with her in Brewton, Alabama from the time I was born until my family packed up and moved away. On rainy days we would open up the door and just watch the rain through the screen door as we snuggled up on the couch. My favorite is when we would sit on the front porch in her white rocking bench with our sophisticated glasses of sweet tea. The sound of the rain gently tapping on and rolling off the leaves, rose
petals and lilies was relaxing. Again, we would snuggle up next to each other and just listen or talk gently about everything, throwing up our hand to wave hello each time a car drove by. I miss those slow, quiet days in the South, I miss my Grandma Snook. She lived simply, and gave generously to her family, friends, and community and I will always remember her for that.
I thank God for blessing me with a beautiful memory early this morning. It was a reminder to cherish life; even the simple moments.

Tell me about your favorite memory.



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