Delicious Eggless Pancakes

I had a craving for pancakes this morning, so naturally I searched online for a quick recipe. My favorites are the ones that don’t require a long list of ingredients and require little prep time. came out on top today. This recipe yielded 5 medium sized fluffy pancakes and was absolutely delicious! Try it and let me know what you think.

What you’ll need:

1 cup of all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup of soy milk or rice milk
1 tablespoon sugar
2 1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil


Put the sugar, baking powder and flour in a mixing bowl and stir.
Pour in the milk and oil, continuing to stir rapidly.
Put a griddle on the stove and set the burner to medium.
Spray the griddle with nonstick cooking spray or lightly coat with oil.
Pour the batter onto the griddle to form four-inch circles.
Flip the pancakes when the edges start to turn a golden brown.
Flip until both sides are golden brown.
Remove from the heat.

I made a few minor adjustments to the recipe:
-Used Vanilla Almond Milk
-Butter instead of vegetable oil
-Fried with Trader Joes coconut oil
-Added coconut flakes to the second batch
-Topped with Agave Nectar in place of syrup

The recipe was perfect! This was my first time frying anything with coconut oil and I loved it! Next time (maybe tomorrow) I plan to use a butter substitute and add fruit toppings!

I so love good food!

**The site also has a Whole Wheat Eggless recipe.**




Midwest Brown Rice Stir Fry

The funnest times are when you open up your fridge and pull out whatever you can find.

After a few minutes of looking my sister and I came up with a meal that’s quick, easy, healthy, and delicious!!

You’ll need:
1cup brown rice (cooked)
1cup of Sweet corn (frozen or fresh)
5-6 sliced baby portobellos
Olive oil
Colby Jack cheese (shredded)
1 Roma Tomato

Sauté corn and portobellos for 3 minutes in olive oil. Mix in brown rice and cook for 3-5 minutes.

Plate up and top with cheese and sliced Roma tomato.

Option: add sour cream

And there you have it! Midwest Brown Rice Stir Fry